You don’t need a Wake- or Snow-board to have fun. Feel the curves on your daily ride to school or work.
Enjoy carving down the streets. Drink your morning coffee or call a friend while cruising single-handed through the city.

The new CYCON brand, established in summer 2012 in Switzerland, is providing a totally new scooter design – The Circleboard!

Our first claim, our brand-promise to you, is highest quality – handmade. Cycon is selected materials and manufacturing processes, at fair prices, not only for our customers but also for our suppliers. We do not want to destroy jobs by cheapest Far-East-Production. We want to ensure jobs, by choosing the right partner, as close as possible to our own site. We combine the good virtues of “Made in Germany” and “Swiss Made” within our brand and in each of our products. You will feel and see that while attracting attention with your Circleboard!

With this new Circleboard we offer you the best scooter on planet!
And that’s what drives our daily passion.

Leave the straight path and feel the difference.
Your Cycon Team