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German engineering – Swiss Precision!
Since the first sketch in 2010 the development passed from a wooden Proof-of-Concept to today’s final aluminum shape – the Circle. In the beginning the target was not just to develop something that looks like a circle, but something that distracts itself in a positive way from the scooters that are available on the market, in terms of quality, design and driving comfort.
Since the available designs did not develop for more than 15 years, we wanted to build something special. Taking the idea of scooters to the next level we focused on exclusive design and outstanding quality. The perfect circle gave our first Product family, the “Cycon 500″ its distinctive outline. No straight line but a constant curved integrated frame from the handle bar to the rear wheel shaped this beautiful fun tool.

Designed by German Aircraft-Engineers all components are built from high grade aluminum and stainless steel using high technology production processes of the local industry. Handcrafted final assembly in Switzerland guarantees consistent quality. Cycon uses 95% components from Austria, Germany and Switzerland but still offers a reasonable price.

Green production
The scooter production and supply chain has a CO2 minimized footprint by avoiding excessive transportation of goods around the world. The main part of this product, the aluminum frame, is made by the Austrian Aluminum specialist HYDRO GmbH in Nenzing, just 30km far off the final assembly plant.